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Monday, 19 August 2013

How virgin coconut oil can help in common pregnancy related health problems

Hi mommy and mommy to be... 
This entry actually for my own reading and reference. Tapi ape salahnya kalo sharing info kan.. Kebetulan mom skg tgh consume Virgin Coconut Oil ni (VCO). Alhamdulillah.. 1001 khasiat VCO ni.. tak caya cubalah.. Nak crita pon byk sgt.. So mom simpul kan ape kebaikannya especially untuk ibu2 mengandung...
Morning Sickness: Coconut Oil provides fantastic relief for morning sickness. It aids morning sickness by calming and soothing the entire digestive system. Coconut Oil neutralizes acidic stomach acid that can cause morning sickness, heartburn, and general digestive discomfort. It’s often prescribed as a remedy for diseases associated with vomiting such as malaria and typhoid because it soothes the digestive system, helps fight disease and infection, and also restores nutrients and minerals that can get depleted when too much fluid leaves the body. How to use: To prevent morning sickness take 1/2-1 tbsp. Of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil immediately upon waking up. Coconut Oil may cause discomfort for some women if taken right before bed. It works most effectively on morning sickness if taken by itself straight from the jar or in capsule form before consuming any other food.
Stretch Marks & Other pregnancy related skin issues : Pregnant women are often prone to acne, dry skin, itchiness, and stretch marks. Coconut keeps skin healthy by moisturizing and supplying extra nutrients and minerals to the skin.How to use: Apply generously daily all over the body or directly on troublesome areas. Coconut Oil should be used on a regular basis. Typically you will not see results after one or two uses, but gradually over time.
Stress: Coconut Oil is very soothing to the body whether taken internally or used as a massage oil. Coconut helps by boosting the immune system and increases metabolic rate which helps provide more energy, less illness, and a better mood. How to use: Take 1-4 tablespoons daily with food or as a supplement. To use as a massage oil start with a small amount and massage on the body. When massaged directly on temples coconut oil is very effective at reducing tension headaches.
Constipation: Coconut Oil eases constipation because it is fibrous and cleanses the colon very effectively but naturally. Coconut Oil also gently cleanses the colon and will not have laxative effect (which may cause premature contractions, and dehydration from rapid fluid loss) By increasing your metabolic rate Coconut Oil helps your body break down food faster and more effectively, which can lead to increased bowel movement. How to use: Take 1-4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily. Start with ½ tablespoon and gradually work your way up to a desired amount. Avoid processed foods which can contribute to constipation. Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, water. Flaxseed taken with Coconut Oil is also highly effective at reducing constipation.
Dehydration: Pregnant women are recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day- But this may not be always easy to get. Pregnant women who experience frequent morning sickness and frequent urination need extra fluids to replace lost ones in addition to getting the recommended dosage. Also, depending on a woman’s activity level and other factors contributing factors pregnant woman may get less than what they need which can lead to dehydration. Coconut Oil helps with dehydration by restoring the body with extra minerals and nutrients that may be depleted from increased fluid loss. How to use: Take 1-4 tablespoons of coconut oil day. Make sure to continue to drink recommended amount of water daily. Coconut Oil may also be taken with water or juice.
High Blood Sugar: Gestational Diabetes is a fairly common but dangerous disease pregnant women can get. Coconut Oil aids in balancing blood sugar and helps to keep it at a healthy level. Coconut Oil also has been shown to reduce cravings, helping to manage appetite and portion control. How to use: Take 1-4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily with meals or between to prevent extra snacking. Avoid salty, sugary, and processed foods as much as possible.
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