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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wonderful Motherhood~


Never actually imagined that motherhood is actually fun!! Although I have to say there are times that I felt like running away from all the crying etc.. but I have to say that I am contented.. Having this little girl definitely a dream come true.. ^_^

Being a mommy to a baby is definitely more challenging. They just walk around like Energizer Bunny and try to grab everything they can. MasyaAllah.. and Zara Delisha is one of them too. I’m not complaining. I’m very happy she’s healthy and active but I’m just worried about her safety. Last night, when we were out of the house, she tripped herself on a matt and accidentally bang her forehead on to the floor. My heart skipped   2 beats. She cried and I immediately checked her face making sure there was no benjol or lebam. Syukur alhamdulillah, its nothing there. Lasak betol la..She cried bout 2-3 minutes only.

As a mother, it's such a panic moment la kan...After 5 minutes, she back to normal and she's playful and cheerful as ever hahahah and thats my Zara. People says, its normal for babies to having this kinda thing as its part of their learning development. Sekali dah tersembam dia akan belajar to avoid it..yeah its true coz they will find the solution to avoid it. Same case like a couple days ago, when she's playing by herself at her TokAbah's home, she bang her chest on the small cushion while attemption to reach tv remote control. Even that cushion x keras tapi senak la jugakkan sebab tersembam agak kuat..and you what, she move backward and turn to other way (untuk elak dari cushion). TokAbah teased her by put another cushion to block her way, but again she move the other way to avoid it and finally berjaya capai remote tv tu..hahaha. Big laugh from brilliant she is..mommy proud of you sayang!

Zara play around with her diapers pack..Kena hempap pon steady hehehe

Here are some fascinating facts about brain development in children that I found on the internet. 85% of a child’s brain development takes place by the age of 5. Most brain cells are formed before birth, but most of the cell connections are made during infancy and early childhood By the age of 2, toddlers’ brains are as active as those of adults. By the age of 3, a toddler’s brain is two and a half times MORE active than an adult’s brain... whoa!

Children learn more in their first 3 years than adults do in a decade. The brain is like “super sponge” at this age, absorbing new information more easily than at other times. It’s the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span! What we do to our children from their birth to the age of 3 will affect the way your children learn, think and behave forever. MasyaAllah. Amazing, isn’t it? An eye-opener! It just shows how important good parenting is to a child’s brain development, as well as her personality and behavior.  Makes me feel more excited to make the most of my children’s early years before it’s too late (and makes me feel bad for being mad at them when they were naughty ).

Aaaaaahhh, the joy of motherhood... love you Zara Delisha! You make our life so much more worth living for. Thank you very much!

Have a nice day mommies!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Dear my princess Zara Delisha,

When you grown up..someday..please remember what I'm always remind good, be nice, be strong and live happily.

My darling, I wish I could make you understand from now on, that you don't have to be a someone that very popular like be an actress, or win the Malaysian Idol,or earn a 5 figure income, or become a doctor, lecturer, engineer, or lawyer, to make me proud. Just be kind, be generous, observe your 5 times daily prayers, do good deeds, respect your elders, and always always seek Allah for guidance in everything that you do, and obey what mommy and papa says, obey what tokma and tok abah says..that is enough to make me happy..Really.

All I'm asking is that, hopefully Zara Delisha will grow up to be a good Muslimah, and if she's a good Muslimah, then I shouldn't be worried about everything else. Kuat kan Iman mu sayang dalam apa jua keadaan~Amin..ya rabbal alamin...

You know, a couple of days back, when we were having our usual conversation before I put you to bed after you fall down on the floor from mommy's bed, then you suddenly held my cheeks in between your two
tiny cutest lil' palms ever, pulled me close towards you with your shinning eyes and then you planted a sloppy kiss on my forehead!(in other words, dia jilat mommy punya muka) Oh how I brimmed with tears of joy!You make me felt so careless am I. I'm sorry dear. From your sloppy kiss on my forehead,at such a tender age you have figured out on your own way to tell mommy you love me. I am so proud of you baby! And yes, I love you too!Forever and ever! You make my heart melt...~

Just remember my dear, in 20 to 30 years to come, if you do become somebody important in life, don't you ever forget your ASAL USUL.. your beloved home town and the two most important PEOPLE in your life, me and your papa. Cos you know without us, you wouldn't be where you will be. Promise ok?

Hope, Allah swt will be give us strength to carry our responsible as Zara's parent.Insha'allah..

What a emotional moment! hahaha~ ^_^

With Love,
Your Mommy and Papa



Ya Ghaffar, Ya Rahim
Kau letakkan di rahim kami anak-anak ini
Kau amanatkan diti mereka pada lindungan kasih sayang kami
Kau percayakan jiwa mereka dengan dakapan cinta kami
Kau besarkan badan mereka dengan aliran susu kami.

Tuhan kami, kami telah sia-siakan kepercayaan-Mu
kesibukan telah menyebabkan kami melupakan amanat-Mu
hawa nafsu telah menyeret kami untuk menelantarkan buah hati kami
tidak sempat kami gerakkan bibir-bibir mereka untuk berzikir kepada-Mu
tidak sempat kami tuntun mereka untuk membesarkan asma-Mu
tidak sempat kami tanamkan dalam hati mereka kecintaan kepada Nabi-Mu

Kami berlumba mengejar status dan kebanggaan
meninggalkan anak-anak kami dalam kekosongan dan kesepian
Kami memoles wajah-wajah kami dengan kepalsuan
membiarkan anak-anak kami meronta dalam kebisuan
Kami terlena memburu kesenangan
sehingga tak kami dengar lagi mereka menangis manja
sambil memandang kami dengan pandangan cinta
seperti dulu, ketika mereka mengeringkan air mata mereka
dalam kehangatan dada-dada kami

Dosa-dosa kami telah membuat anak-anak kami
menjadi pemberang, pembangkang, dan penentang-Mu
Dosa-dosa kami telah membuat hati mereka
keras, kasar, kejam, dan tidak tahu berterima kasih
Sebelum Engkau ampuni mereka,
Ya Allah  ampunilah lebih dahulu dosa-dosa kami

Ya Allah, berilah kami peluang untuk mendekap tubuh mereka
dengan dekapan kasih sayang kami
berilah kami waktu untuk melantunkan pada telinga mereka
ayat-ayat Al Quran dan Sunnah Nabi-Mu

Berilah kami kesempatan untuk sering menghadap-Mu
dan memohon kepada-Mu seusai salat kami
untuk keselamatan, kesejahteraan, dan kebahagiaan anak-anak kami

Bangunkan kami di tengah malam untuk merintih kepada-Mu
mengadukan derita dan petaka yang menimpa anak-anak negeri ini.
Izinkan kami membasahi tempat sujud kami
dengan air mata penyesalan akan kelalaian kami
by: Abu Zur'ah

Friday, 28 September 2012

1 Bad Day in Motherhood

Ahhh... not a good week this week, I've been slacking in everything, from house chores to cooking, heck even blogging seems like a huge burden to me these days..and last night was the scary night i ever had in the first 5 months motherhood. Cik Rara jatuh dari katil while mommy doing her toilet business! She still sleeping

that time..tapi xtau lau bila ms dia sedar..mommy amik masa 1minit aje pon kt toilet tu tetiba bunyi benda jatuh then Zara meraung..huihhh cuak gila! Mcm nak luruh jantung tgk2 baby kite terlentang ats lantai..terus mommy peluk kuat2..agaknya dia lbh terkejut dari sakit risau gak..terus belek kot ada lebam ke luka ke ape ... phewwwwwwwwwww~  Tgh dok cuak sempat lg call Papa kt opis..kena mrh lg ade..sbb cuai..yesss i admit it! Mommy cuai..seriously felt like a bad mom..bad bad bad one..looser..

So mommies, do not leave your kids (apatah lagi babies) alone even for 10sec...kalo jenis yg lasak mcm Zara ni, kena tidurkan dia kt least kalo dia merayap xdela terjatuh..cuma langgar benda jela..satu hal jugak cikRara ni kalo letak bawah suka merayap kt bwh meja tv pastu tertido kt situ haha sabo jela...

Herm...hope this kindda thing wont happen again.. must be more extra cautios la pasni~ Everything for my precious one~ I'm sorry syg..mommy love you..~

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Subhanallah..Aku mencintainya

Bismillah....Salam semua,

Zara sudah 5 months! Subhanallah..time flies so fast...mommy sangat bangga dapat besarkan Zara sehingga da 5 bulan ni..alhamdulillah syukur...Zara good girl pandai cerdik dan sangat pandai bawa diri..dia xmanja mcm setengah baby girl tu.. Main pon sorang2...cuma time demam je ngada2 skit haha..

My little angel skarang dah start heret badan sejak dia boleh meniarap backward la pulak hahaha kelaka tgk gelagat baby ni..Tapi mmg mcm tu la baby..dorang akan start dgn backward dulu, baru foward, then start to crawl..Skg pon si cinonet tu da blaja angkat bontot and lutut..nk blajar merangkak la tu..alhamdulillah..ramai org cakap Zara nye perkembangan sangat cepat..and yes, dia mmg cepat belajar..:)

Betul la kata orang..anak ni pengikat kasih. Bila ada anak, keharmonian rumah tangga makin dirasai..buktinya...? hahahha sepanjang ada zara 5 bulan ni, da 5 bulan jugak la mommy ngan Papa da tak bergaduh! mmg nice je all da tak muahahah! Alhamdulillah..syukur padaMu Ya Allah.. Ok my little angel, get ready to get your 5 months Vaccination tomorrow ye Sayang!

Muuaaaahaaahaaah  ~  ^_^

"Subhanallah..aku mencintainya..Subhanallah aku menyayanginya..."

Back On Track


Hermmm da lama x update blog..maklum le since raya haritu busy je manjang..
Da abis musim raye ni baru la leh rileks xleh rileks sgt..biasalah mommy
baru start bisness kecil-kecilan..masih merangkak lg..partime je ni..untuk suka2 ahaks!

Da abis bulan syawal ni..berat naik mendadak! Risau la plak..mana x nye ape jua mknan
depan mata ku tibai jua. hahaha.. SO ape lagi, mommy start pakai balik Premium Beautiful Corset
tu nak maintan berat n reshape~ alhmdullillah...thank you my saver~ ^_^

Pendek kata bila da abis bulan syawal ni..kerja berlambak n badan mula lemau2 da.. a.k.a MALAS!
Muahahaha...tekanan kerja xyah cite, tekanan dari si kecik pon leh tahan gak..
Dah seminggu my princess demam..batuk2..cian dia...sayu je mommy tgk..Alhamdulillah
hari Zara dah sihat..semalam cikgu kt taska cakap Zara da seronok main..minum susu
pon da selera..haa mcm tu la ank mommy... :))

Baru mommy tau betapa challenging nya jadi new Parents ni...bila ank sakit, kita
pon turut rasa sakit tau...dia nangis, kita nangis..hurm biasa la baby bila demam
manja dia lebih sikit..sik nak mintak dukung je..tmbah2 baby girl kan.. xpe..kasihnya Ibu membawa ke Syurga kan..muahahah ~