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Friday, 16 November 2012

Zara got Special Gift!

A couple weeks a go, Zara got a special valuable pecious gift from her aunties. Mommy and papa a bit shock actually coz never expect that they will gift Zara such a expensive luxary present to show their gratitude for a newborn. Well of cos la kan..all the makciks are my closest and best freind ever! Thank you Aunty Mimie, Effa, Elina,Chop, Lina, Hawa and K.Pijot! Zara like it mommy love it! heheheheh...You all are such a great aunty or mama to our Lil Zara..

That wondefull moment will always remain in my "memory book". Its felt like yesterday, we gather after our last graduation. Glad that you all sukakan my spaghetti bolognesse..hahahah! Dont know when will we gather like this..yela coz everyone busy dengan life masing2...ape pun..kita adalah GENG LONGKANG yg paling best! hehehe..rindunye longkang and keropok lekor p.cik tu Paling dirindui ialah mesin basuh yg letak coin RM1 lama tu hahahah

Here are some pics from Chop's camera I guess..

Spread the LOVES! Peace yown~

Tuesday, 13 November 2012



Pheww...its been almost 3 weeks after my last mumbling hahaha.Phone kadang2 tingtong..internet
connection plak ikut mood dia so susah mommy nk update zara asyik bg mommy headache je sejak dapat "kaki" ni...dia dah start tour 1 rumah dah ngan walker dia.sume benda nak d langgar nye..Some work yg xpernah habis tu make me sick day by day..urghhhhh! I wasn't complaining. I just want to share with you guys the ups and downs in my life! Work on IT field..lebih2 lagi system based mmg hectic la. SAP nowadays has bigger flow that required you to put more effort dari segi masa is like your shift would never end! I wonder how others can balance their work and family, smart enough to find a quality time to spend with..well thats why they called themself SUPERMOM i guess coz they are smart on it. I wasn't just cant help my self to depress on it. Well I chose to be in this field, so yeah I just got to move with the flow and beat it! Not a problem.I'm a supermak to ZaraDelisha, superwife to Zaidi should not be a problem to be me. haha!! Hope so.

But believe me, the only reason I blog is to share my thoughts and experience.

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